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England Riots: Claim For Compensation 

On 18.08.2011, the UK Government - through their Directgov website - released news on the possibility to receive compensation for those who suffered losses or damages as a result of the recent riots in England. 
Expatriates whose property was damaged or destroyed during the recent riots might be able to claim compensation from their local police authority.
The law might entitle expatriates to receive compensation as a result of damage, destruction or theft to their home/premises and/or content.
Expatriates will be unable to claim compensation for personal injuries, vehicle damages or theft (unless the vehicle was inside premises affected by the riots) and business trading.
Expatriates that have insurance are strongly recommended to verify if their policy does cover riot damage and - if so - should contact their insurer without delay.
Expatriates have 42 days (counted from the first day after the damage occurred) to file their claim for compensation with the local police authority.
Expatriates should claim from their local police authority by means of the "Riot Damage Compensation Claim Form", which should be sent to:
PO Box 26948
G2 9DP
The UK Government has also released the contacts for the claim department:
Tel. 0845 641 4925
Expatriates can find full details on how to claim compensation on the Directgov website.
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