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Find a Job in the UKFinding a Job in the UK

Without a doubt the biggest challenge you will face when moving to the UK is finding a job. Having a good overview of the market will help you find something that suits you.
Available Jobs
|Finding a Job in the UKCurrently, there are many jobs available in the service industry: bars, restaurants and cafes are always looking for people, especially as these roles tend to see a high turnover. Additionally, the high-tech industry is booming so if you have skills in that area you should be able to find a computing job or something of that nature.
Where to Look
The majority of job-hunting in the UK is done online. Web-based classifieds and job portals are the main way office jobs are advertised. Service jobs can be found there as well, though you can also find those by going door to door.
Essential Items
To get a job you will need a few essential items: two references are crucial, as is valid identification and a home address. You will need a well-written CV (or resume, the two words are used interchangeably) and certain stock answers for application forms: many companies favour written forms which can take a while to fill out.
Important Things to Consider
The most important thing to consider is your visa situation. In a competitive labour market, employers will opt for simple solutions, so make sure that you have everything in order before reaching out to potential employers. Also take stock of your location as different parts of the UK are better suited to certain skill sets: technology, banking and advertising thrive in London while regional centres also have their share of business jobs. If you are in the countryside you might need to look for something in a service oriented field.

Above all be sure to be patient when searching for jobs in the UK – it is certainly a challenging market and it will take time to find a good position. You may need to settle into something temporary before eventually beginning a new career.

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