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Improve your English on a daily basis

The English, with their characteristic and fondness for understatement, will often tell you that they have achieved what they have by practising their art, whatever it is, 'little and often'. This apparently modest phrase is a versatile and powerful tool that can be applied with great effect to the job of learning the English language itself.
Many students of English as a second language, particularly those already living here, despair when they are faced with what seems to be a mountain to climb before they will understand the complexities of the English language.
But do not fear. Every mountain can be conquered inch by inch (centimetre by centimetre, if you prefer), and the entire English language can be learnt by practising your skills little and often. 
London buses great places for practising EnglishRoutine: Routine translates as the 'often' bit. If you build English language practice into your everyday routine then not only will your English improve dramatically but you are also likely to liven up your routine and start to seek out new opportunities to add to your skills. For example, if you are staying in central London, you may be in the habit of getting on the bus each morning, swiping your oyster card and looking at your feet as you pass the bus driver. Well, this morning, why don't you greet him or her with 'good morning', 'hello' or 'hi there' and keep doing it every day until greetings are a confident part of your routine.
beanz meanz English practiceListening skills: Listen to the response you get from your bus driver. Even if you can't make out the words you'll be surprised at what subtleties of English communication you will pick up listening to the intonation of any reply. And while you are on the bus listen out for conversations between your fellow passengers. Congratulate yourself inwardly for every word you recognise and enjoy your new English listening skills.

Vocabulary: If going public sounds too scary then practice your vocabulary at home by labelling things with their English names or playing games with yourself. Don't pick anything up unless you can name it in English. And don't allow yourself to eat anything from a tin or a packet until you have read the label to see what words you recognise. Learning words in context can really help to speed up your vocabulary learning.

Tuition: Finally, find a good language school where there is a mixture of nationalities so you can't all fall back on a common language, and you have to practise your English. St Georges language school is one such place. And if you want to learn German London provides you with plenty of opportunities to do this, as long as you are willing to practice little and often!

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